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Vegetable Picker

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- a flowing oval picker basket for gathering produce from the garden - woven in natural browns and green-coloured willows

- made using green/light brown willows

Length 19" x Width 13" x 6.5" high (approximately 13.5" tall including the handle. )


All baskets are handmade by John using only UK-grown willows.


Delivery is £4.95 for this style.


Willow colours: I try to supply colours as close as possible to the colours illustrated in the photos above, give or take slight variation in natural willow bark. Whilst the colours shouldn't be dramatically different,  please allow for some variations in natural willow colours. The willow colours may be arranged slightly differently in the basket from the illistrative photo depending on the suitability of the willow available at the time of ordering.


 All sizes +/- 0.5" 



(If more than one basket is ordered, several can be combined into one Parcelforce fully-tracked parcel at  £8.95 for delivery, up to height x girth of 3 metres and/or up to 10KG. ) If many baskets are ordered, the shipping rate will reflect how many parcels are needed to fulfil the order. 


Besides weaving all the baskets,  John attends to all admin and packs and posts all the baskets - please allow 5 - 10 working days for delivery of your hand crafted basket.