Cob Maund
Cob Maund
Cob Maund
Cob Maund

Cob Maund

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It's an oval fitched basket, the Cob Maund, and it sat besides the feet of the 'Herring Lassies' when they were at work. The Herring Lassies cleaned then packed fish with salt into barrels for herring curers or attended to jobs in the kippering works.  It was into this basket they dropped the gutted Herrings from their work tables above.

Made in peeled white & hazel

Length 48cm x Width 39cm x 25cm tall (33cm tall to top of handles, approx.)

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 All sizes +/- 0.5" or +/- 1 cm


  • Made from 100% UK Willows
  • Sturdy carrying handles
  • Handmade in Scotland using traditional techniques
  • A working basket and attractive
  • Made from sustainably sourced willow
  • Delivered in around 5 working days from ordering