Custom Made

 **UPDATE - John is full up for custom made rectangular storage baskets work for the timebeing. Apologies for any inconvenience **

John can work to customer specifications to produce bespoke square, rectangular, round, oval or D-shaped work. John can also copy a basket you have and want replicated or, in some circumstances, can repair baskets for you, such as repairing a handle. John has made all sorts of weird & wonderful custom made baskets over the years for interior designers, businesses, private individuals, film, theatre and TV production companies. Please contact me with your enquiry.

Custom-made Storage Baskets

A common request from businesses and individuals is for made-to-measure square or rectangular handmade storage baskets to fit onto shelving. We don't keep any stock of sizes as these baskets are all made to order.

Thinking of contacting me with your rectangular storage basket enquiry?

Please tell us the width, depth & height of the space your basket has to fit into (not the size you want your basket to be!) As basketweaving is rarely millimetre perfect, a good fitting storage basket will be made up to 2 cm smaller on the width and up to 1 cm smaller than the height to glide without any snagging or sticking.

When measuring your space please be sure to look out for hinges, lips or any other obstacle that further reduces the dimensions of free space your storage basket has to fit into. If your custom made storage basket doesn't fit because of your error in measuring we won't be able to offer any refund or replacement.

The 'Height' should be the smallest of the 3 dimensions of Height, Width & Depth. Although in theory it is possible to make a basket to any size, for best results John doesn't want to make storage baskets taller than they are deep.

Pricing is done by the basket's volume and a quote can be given for each basket as well as postage costs. (Sample pricing is included at the bottom of the page for your reference.)

Handle options include either fingerholes (pictured below) or baskets without any handles. Please let us know on which side you'd like the fingerholes woven. (It is usually done on the 'Width' side.)

 We don't have any grey willow! Please look at the example photos below for colour options.

 We can't make baskets that are disproportionately long to their depth, e.g. Width 100 cm x Depth 12 cm. In this case please tell us the overall dimensions of the space and we can make e.g. 3x baskets 32cm Wide x Depth 12 cm for this type of space. Very big but shallow baskets are fine however.

 We don't make storage baskets to fit onto wooden frames unfortunately. If it is this style you need, these are available from other UK-based basketmakers, Please search: 'kitchen drawer basket'.


Storage Basket Styles -

Colour options on made to measure include - White Willow with the bark stripped off to get the appearance of the blonde bare wood, Buff Willowalso with the bark stripped off to get the appearance of peachy buff-colour bare wood or Brown Willow which is willow in its natural state with its bark of neutral brown. The brown is rustic and the white or buff is smarter. A combinations of colours can also be requested.



  1. 'Randed' weave style in white willow



  1. 'Randed' weave style in natural 'brown' willow


    3. Randed weave style in peeled 'buff' willow


   4. Chunky 'slewed' weave style in white willow



    5. Chunky 'slewed' weave style in natural 'brown' willow


     6. Slewed weave style in peeled 'buff' willow


Example pricing:

W43cm x D28cm x H19cm - £ 53.00

W42cm x D48cm x H28cm - £ 75.00

W60cm x D48cm x H46cm - £103.00


All my baskets can be sent by post. Prices shown do not include postage costs. Baskets(s) including protective packaging not exceeding Length 61cm x Width 46cm x Depth 46cm) is £4.95 for delivery. Larger sizes can be sent with fully-tracked Parcelforce 48h which is £7.95. Baskets can be combined for posting wherever possible.