(Customer Request) Medium Dog Basket
(Customer Request) Medium Dog Basket
(Customer Request) Medium Dog Basket

(Customer Request) Medium Dog Basket

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An oval dog basket woven in English peeled buff willows. Spoil the dog with a handmade willow dog basket. 


Width 35.5" x Depth 23.5" x 10.5" Tall (base 28" x 18")

Width 88cm x Depth 60cm x 27cm Tall (base 72 x 46 cm)



All baskets are handmade by John in small batches in his workshop in the market town of Lanark, UK, using only UK-grown willows.

Delivery is £7.95 for this style.


If your desired quantity isn't available online,  or if you need expedited delivery, please contact me to arrange.

I try to supply willow colours as close as possible to the natural colours illustrated in the photos above, give or take slight variation in natural peeled buff willow. Whilst the colours shouldn't be dramatically different,  please allow for some variations in the buff willow colours. 
 All sizes +/- 0.5" or +/- 1 cm


  • Made from 100% UK Willows
  • Plaited Border
  • Handmade in Scotland using traditional techniques
  • A working basket and attractive
  • Made from sustainably sourced willow
  • Delivered in around 5 working days from ordering