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Basketmaking Tuition


John does not run scheduled basketmaking courses or beginners basket making classes, but can offer 1-to-1 tuition in his workshop.

If you are an organisation looking for a basketmaking tutor I can teach a weaving course when I'm available depending on the participants' & organisation's aims, the time and space available,  the numbers taking part and the funds available to enable a course to run etc. If you can give me a little information about your organisation and what you are wanting from a willow weaving workshop I will be able to let you know if I am a suitable tutor for you. If it is slightly out of my area of expertise I may be able to suggest a suitable basketmaking tutor. My area of expertise are either willow weaving classes with the focus being on the therapeutic qualities of weaving with willows or a course with the aim of participants learning one or more of the traditional techniques within the UK basketmaking. The cost of these is usually around £32.00 per hour, travel expenses and at least 1hour prep. + cost of materials.


I can offer 1-to-1 tuition (which is how I learned basketmaking) in my workshop in Lanark to those who want to improve their weaving or learn a new technique. I am a full-time professional basketmaker who makes many baskets each week. If you are an absolute beginner, my tuition could seem somewhat intensive. In this case I recommend some of the more leisurely beginners classes to ease you into the craft - these are listed on the websites of The Basketmakers' Association or The Scottish basketmakers' Circle. You might still come to me after you have had some experience in the craft. I work in a shed which is cold in the winter and warm in sunny days during the summer. It is small so it may be a bit of a squeeze for two of us working together. All my baskets are made the traditional way on the plank on the floor and this is the only way I teach basketmaking. So, after managing expectations, if you have done some training and are making baskets independently, and are maybe thinking about selling work or are selling already, you will be welcome to arrange a visit for tuition with me. I enjoy sharing my skills and experience and can offer reasonably priced tuition to aspiring weavers. My knowledge and skills are mostly concerned with British methods of basketmaking and I might suggest a suitable traditional basket style for study. Hours would be 9:30 til 4:30pm by arrangement and would cost around £80 per day. I will likely be carrying on with my own work in between instructing and keeping an eye on your work.